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Marion´s Tierparadies - Nager

Marion´s Tierparadies - Nager

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Rabbits and guinea pigs should also feel at home with us.
For them we have very nice stables, both indoors and outdoors, with a view of the neighbors.
You can choose boxes between 1.5 and 9 square meters in size. Please refer "Prices"
In each run there are houses where the animals can withdraw at any time.
The stable floors are strewn with straw and wood shavings.
Your rabbits must be vaccinated against RHD 1, RHD 2 and myxomatosis.
Please email the vaccination cards before making a binding booking.

Here are some tips on vaccinations and vaccines
The feed is included in the daily price and essentially consists of concentrated feed, hay, fruit and vegetables.
Sufficient water is a matter of course.
Convince yourself during a personal visit to our "opening hours".
Mümmelmann and Co... will be grateful to you.
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